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things we look at is that kindergartner enter into our school system we see the gap and their such on incredibly important piece and the staff that have championed it have made a real difference. i hope that as we have more discussions around prop h that we really have a robust discussions on how to fund prek. we're dealing with this head on before our young school children enter the program. and i want to thing our staff none of you look old enough to have been around for thirty
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years. this says a lot about our program so thank you four all your work. >> thank you colleagues. at this time why do we move on >> now is the opportunity for the public to comment including the items open adaptation without reference to collapsed. please remember that the items are that were arrested talked about are not available now. >> i want to to say that
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(inaudibl (inaudible). 49er the championship, ed lee, (inaudibl (inaudible). and mayor (inaudible) ladies and gentlemen as you know my name is is abdullah i am here to blame our city mayor ed lee for not following our team 49er. why also, he don't bring the big tv for all of us to watch it i
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am one of the people but also i'd like to thank many of you have made the decoration and we're happy to see that our team 49er win. supervisor kim i am one of our reasons and i would like to give you a little credit you make it in our room by your people here. this here shows you two brothers one of them must win and they are two brothers. i can't blame any one of you but the - i blame the mayor he is lazy. i wish he would hear what i'm
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saying. but 49 eras i said here just to show with the (inaudible) i wish we can win and i hope. thank you, thank you all of you. thank you supervisor >> thank you next speaker. >> god bless you supervisors and glad bless the city and county of san francisco. today for this black history month i am very reluctant to talk about this subject. i was a teacher at marshall academic high school and which
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at that time was a low income high crime county. and marshall high school was set up for black and latin use to succeed in high school and slowly that population has been squeezed out of that school. that school was a preschool. i think there needs to be a look at marshall high school and we need to ask ourselves what's going on over there how many our black people and latin are not being served thank you, very much. . next speaker >> good afternoon supervisor stop corporate rape of our
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library. private shut up of our community and perhaps because of the public library has began to make our information public. a discretionary fund and these funds are budgeted at $65,000 yes and no and the library expand this amount. this is the extend detail and he spends it on the undefined
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business expense. this may be one explanations why there is an over flow of spending funds ridiculously. the bigger request is why the forensics are not allowed - are allowed to continue with no oversight from the board of supervisors. the private fundraisers always assume they can harass the critics to exploring the truth. it is certainly why i was arrested at a board of supervisors meeting in order to protect the friends. having me arrested does not solve societies problem and
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cover the lies >> next speaker. >> members of the board of supervisors on the screen i have a quote from andre canning geoif i could get it up on the screen. we kind of had - as i get older i pay less attention to what men say i watch what they do. i pay attention to the board of supervisors what you actually do. this board of supervisors attitude about public participation in government i have no problem of labeling it hostile. look at the public comment. at january it took four hours
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for the general public to get a chance to speak and here today comes after 35 minutes. to members of public have to make a minimum commitment of half a day. this shows what you care about. especially, when public talks you get up and talk to each other and many of you leaves the room. we wouldn't not all of those nice people while dissenting comments are made. they then there's restrictions on free speech. and at no time in the handling
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of any members do the public get to speak to this board of supervisors before you take final action. >> thank you next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors i'm peter executive director of library users association. last month library you areers association won a case at the sunshine task force. the majority of members there void that the arts commission had unlawfully withheld information it was to keep us from getting our rights
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serviced. but that win of 4 to 3 was not enough to overcome what the board of supervisors did to make sure it won't be enough for an action to be taken. you essentially replaced all members and we won 4 to 3 and additionally you passed the sunshine ordinance with new members to repeal it's rule that the majority could take the decision on instead of requiring 6 votes.
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so only 7 people on the board were there and that was a couple of votes against us. your sabotage of open government sadly is bearing fruit. >> next speaker and thanks supervisors i'm an attorney, an mba that has been long associated with this city but i've got some positive comments to make. this poem reflects the poem encourage - i co-founded the
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poetry fountains and we have a public service to get you poems from the movement we'll have on public event to encourage education in february. this is the confession and it is like honest i didn't and this is for you the board of supervisors san francisco. our legislative lady of mieshlz flies open where crime and punishment are perpetual and
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infinity and the fear of death becomes a judgment beyond reason, a guilty class of desire as arbitrary as spawning yet in memory of our ancestors all in the same humble family our human breath rises to palms and there is no love that bypassess this love >> thank you next speaker. >> come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away, just save the airport and we'll beat the birds
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come fly with me. come harvey away. good luck with our items scott our super glad now you really make the city shine. the distance, distance, distance what you get down. city thing political machine. you know your - just what you're doing you make the city glad and divine. ♪ you're very discriminate our very stimulating. i give our district a four-star rating. at the drop of a coin you make it fine.
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distance, distance, distance machine. and to me something general hospital good. tell that you like it yeah. . i'll make you wish there were 24 general hospital hours to each day. to me something good telling me the hospital you love it. you make it seem like it's terrible and it's not a very good place. telling me something hospital general hospital good. telling me that you love it yeah. tell me >> thank you next speaker. >> good afternoon board of supervisors. the 49ers did not detective beat
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in my opinion they were beat by bad luck and it was caused by a an dead man. joseph is tired of waiting for justice and i can the have you do god in new orleans decided that was long enough and what convinced me it was the famous blackout base that was supernatural. so if anyone is going to be blamed for the 49ers loss it was the curse. so if mayor lee continues to ignore the dead man's curse it
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may take harvey to come back and lead us to the city hauls. this guy may not be a -- he was a gay city employee who died at the general hospital. i want to dare the board of supervisors to issue a statement about how much child porn is inside the computer in the city. i have to say i hope shawn
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doesn't beat up on that microphone any more because he only has one more year >> thank you next speaker. >> i have just returned from commissioner meeting on investment and infrastructure where they're trying to fast track track to build thousands and thousands of units in san francisco. so you board of supervisors during the holidays created an ordinance an ordinance of just 5 people. so at any time if 3 of them decide to attend on any important issue they need just two votes to pass it. and we're talking about the last frontier and we're talking about 10 billions of projects. i must commend a few people that
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attended the ethic committee on the laws of land our ethic commission has all kinds of excused and part of that investigation part of that hiding the things under the carpet comes from this board of supervisors. some of you last night in chinatown we see wheeling and dealing with people who are very corrupt and i folks knowing very good that a wellness center is
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going to be built on third you folks should be ashamed of yours as adults with intensity i want to harm our children that center should not be built >> there any other members of the public who wish to speak in general public comment. seeing none it is closed >> items 23 through 28 are considered to be passed. >> colleagues would anyone like to severe any of those items and on items next.
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supervisor cohen are fairly and impartially i. supervisor march. supervisor yee. stroifr breed. coming possess. there 11 is >> i understand supervisor coming past. this is an memorandum that i am doing in along with sproifrss jane kim and supervisor erick and supervisor yee. i would ask we do this on behalf of the supervisors.
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and supervisor pass away at the age of 66 and in this line of work all of us have differences of opinion but sometimes those differences there are a lot of commonality. and one thing i'll say about supervisor ackerman >> during her 10 years our district was improved by this supervisor. and, in fact, after undercover widespread corruption she was able to recoup a lot of money. her motto was children first and
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i think on behalf of all of us who worked with her and all the children from the san francisco school district we want to thank her for her tenure and her work in san francisco. i will close that the following quote with the quote ackerman made when they said i take great satisfaction that knowing that the school system a stronger than when i came in her 5 years ago and my heart will always remain in san francisco. >> that will be from the desire boarder. and supervisor march and will
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declare february 9th as the early education department in san francisco and this reduction has the requisite of finding this reduction. are there any members of the public who wish to address this item? and without observation this is passes. madam clerk if you could call not just the two items but items 10 through 12 >> yes. the board of supervisors has approved to visit on the committee as the whole items 9 through 20.
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and this is dealing with the improvement district as the m o monocon district. this provides for the selection and xhurment of the assessments and then items 10 through 12. item 10 is appropriating 5 hundred and something tickets to expand the project. item 11 is the ordinance that has to do with participation in the principle amount of 500778. million. and this is for the trust agreement. constricting the execution of
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the notes payable and the assessments to further secure the principle. and then the project to be improved the moscone center. >> thank you madam clerk. colleagues ladies and gentlemen the purpose of today's hearing is the establishment of a business improvement district named the moscone and it was adopted of the project. as well as to hear testimony from the management system dated january 29th. the november 20th, 2012, our supervisors voted to expand the moscone project.
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the january 29th clarified the waiting hotels that recently changed ownership. if the ownership was changed the wait for the purposes of this plan should be as reported to the city by the hotel prior to the change. debates are in the file. at the conclusion of today's hearing the tax collector will have the tab levitation and the public can view it in the basement of the city hall. now if there is a protest of the snaements the district or if
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there's a less two-thirds voters. today, we'll hear from all people in favor of these following issues we'll then hear from the people who speak in opposition. during the hearing in any hotel visitor wishes to change their vote or cast their vote they may speak with the staff out the chamber. after the hearing closes you may not change our vote or cast any additional vote. let me first ask if there are any

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